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Physician and Dentist Confidential Line 
  • Northern California: (650) 756-7787
  • Southern California: (213) 383-2691

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Loma Linda University Health, our calling to diversity, equity and inclusion means providing opportunity and access for all people. These principles are critical to continuing the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ. Our aim is to foster a culture where each person in our community feels valued, supported and empowered to achieve individual and collective goals.
The Department of Anesthesiology values the overall health of every individual. We are supportive of a healthy work/life balance. Below are some of the ways the department supports wellness. 
Office of Physician Vitality
Barbara Couden Hernandez, PhD
Phone: (909) 558-6780
Office: 11279 Anderson St. Loma Linda, CA 92354

Work Environment

Catered meals for department events

Wellness committee

Wellness Chief Resident 

Semi-annual meetings with the Program Director

Access to department private lounge 

Private call rooms


Ropes course 

Christmas Party

Thanksgiving Potluck

Annual Welcome Party

Monthly birthday celebration

Resident appreciation 

Annual Doctor's Day 

Graduation Dinner

Annual Golf Tournament

Team Building